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FOR REENLISTMENT OR EXTENSION ONLY traffic violations during your current Term of Enlistment/Extension pursuant to Article 15 of the UCMJ during your current Term of Enlistment/Extension NGB FORM 3621 20121002 Page 1 of 2 IV.
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Music Applause I have always had my sights on the air force you know coming out of high school I was part of the Junior ROTC for the Air Force you know I've served an active duty for 13 14 years and I decided to cross over to the Air National Guard not necessarily a lateral move but just as change in a lifestyle I did four and a half years active duty I was stationed at Fayette Air Force Base, and it was an incredible experience I wanted to do have a career whereby I was of service to a bigger cause that transition to the Guard was it was a tough decision to be honest to leave active duty because it's a huge change I was scared to make the leap but now that I'm on this side there are no regrets I definitely appreciate everything that has come my way I enlisted in January 2012 from there I was an active duty I actually got stationed in Altos Oklahoma I found what I wanted to do I was happy I was good at my job and in transportation and being a porter living in Oklahoma it's a few states away I missed my family I had just gotten back from deployment I felt like I had done a lot for the Air Force and for our country, and I was ready for the Air Force to do something for me, I did four years active duty at Herbert Field Florida it was a nice area I miss it sometimes I chose a job that I thought that I would be able to use it after I got out of the Air Force aircraft mechanic I was actually trying to get stationed close to home because I love home so much I was trying to get Travis over space, but they sent me across the United States in active duty I was a munitions crew chief I worked at Cannon Air Force Base which had fighter jets and then from there I went to Ramstein Germany I've always wanted to join the military, so I was younger it's probably from watching military movies with my dad we always liked watching those together the Air National Guard means being close to a family for me while I was in active duty I was actually taking a little too many trips from Florida to California just to see family every time I had to go back to Florida I was already missing family, so I just made that final decision to move back home and in that process I found out that Buffett Field has my job offered in the Air National Guard I just took it it was a no-brainer when you're active-duty you're you go where you're told to, so you get orders and then you's hard for you to oppose like what they tell you to do so when I do, I want to go back to school I had a list of schools I wanted to apply to I and I knew that I couldn't apply if I were to get accepted I would not be able to attend the schools I actually didn't even know about the base that was close to my hometown where I grew up, and it was interesting to find out that there was a base so close to where I grew up and where I wanted to be back to being 14 years in active duty and moving every 3 years I've definitely had my fair share of moving which I'm very fortunate to travel the world once I started having...
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